Joseph Armato - Real Estate and Contracting Professional

Joseph Armato

As owner and operator of Global Realty Development in New York City, Joseph Armato draws on an in-depth knowledge of the local area as well as more than nearly 30 years of experience in contracting. He became an independent contractor following receipt of his degree in property casualty insurance, and he used his understanding of risk to coordinate the many factors involved in building projects. Familiar with both general and restoration contracting, Joseph Armato worked to ensure the satisfactory and on-time completion of all projects.

Joseph Armato transitioned from contracting to real estate in the early 2010's. He retains his focus on risk mitigation and continues to apply his sill in team building, which allows him to take on a variety of projects ranging from acquisition and brokerage to development and management. He is a licensed rela estate broker and thus draws on experience working with buyers and sellers as well as real estate agents.

Actively involved with real estate investors as well, Joseph Armato works with those interested in investing in residential, commercial, retail, and mixed-use properties. He offers expertise in how each of these types of properties operate, while also providing investors with insight into the demographics and makeup of an area.